Software developer tips for beginner

The most important single aspect of software development is to be clear about what you are trying to build.

When I joined my first company in 2012, obviously I was bit nervous. I was wondering what skills I should have apart from my programming language. So if you are a fresher or student or about to join your first company, these tips may help you.

Be good at HTML, CSS, and Javascript

If you are a web developer regardless of what technology you use, it is very important to understand basics. Whether you use java, PHP or dotnet all web-based application technology is common in terms of request and response. If you really understand how the browser behaves and renders HTML code then it will be very easy to understand any technology you are going to adopt in future.

Using Html, CSS and Javascript one can even build complete websites. There are few advantages if you really command these skills.

  • You will have clear idea how HTML renders in the browser. If you have background, it is not clear how values are posted one page to another, which is actually using HTML forms.
  • In MNCs, you will have maintenance work more, the project is already developed and you will have to work on issues. Having a strong command of these skills will make your life easier.
  • You will be less UI developer dependent. You don’t have to run behind them for small alignment and fixes.

Here are few tips you can work on:

  • Html elements like forms, inputs, buttons type, checkboxes, radio buttons and tables.
  • learn how to align HTML elements and page layout.
  • Validate HTML forms using javascript. Look at how button click, textbox keypress are worked in order to validate forms.

Work on your own project

Are you a college student? Or have you just joined your first company? Nevertheless, start your own project. Start small and keep working on it. Try to use all the skills you know. To be motivated, start a project which you really like using such as social networking sites or news portals etc.

“Programming is breaking of one big impossible task into several very small possible tasks.” – by unknown

Working on the separate project than your office work makes you learn new technology since there is no restriction what you can’t use. Moreover, this will drastically improve your learning speed along with having fun.

Go through SRS carefully

I personally think this is very important. Don’t code unless you read the SRS document thoroughly. Read all the points mentioned in the document, reach out to your manager or team leader in case you find difficulties to understand or any doubts.

“Without requirements or design, programming is the art of adding bugs to an empty text file.” – by unknown

Learn to search on google

We all do it :). I think, how well you code is depending on how good you are at searching on the net. For one simple task, there are plenty of ways to code. For example, you can write foreach or for loop for the iterating array. At the same time, you can even use LINQ. Your task simply should not be only done if your code working as per requirement. Try to search how other people are doing it using the same technology.

Have patience

Always remember, we all are a human being and we do a mistake. Start from the beginning if you think you went somewhere wrong and that is making you frustrated. There is a very good proverb by Steve Jobs “Stay hungry. Stay foolish”. Have fun, take a break, go to a trip or chill out with your friends. Finally, start fresh.

Happy coding..!

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